Rainbow Italian Ice

Bringin the flavor... Not the Fat!

Not Shaved Ice!

Not Even Close! Unlike snow cones & shaved ice (which is literally just a pile of shaved/crunchy ice with syrups poured over the top),our Italian Ice is made with the same blending consistency process as ‘traditional’ ice cream where all of the flavors & ingredients are mixed together prior to being frozen. East Coast Style!

dairy fee

fat free

gluten free

low calorie

Rainbow Italian Ice is a mobile vendor. We have been in business for 17 years and we sell via public and private events throughout Northern California. We produce and market a dairy-free, fat free hand scooped frozen refreshment. Oh no, this is not shaved ice. More like sorbet! More like the Italian Ice that is popular on the East Coast.

Our motto is “Everywhere You Go, there’s a Rainbow!” That’s because Rainbow Italian Ice has been served at just about every type of festival, concert, fair, private and public event, corporate events, sports events, & parties. We cater small and large affairs and will deliver upon request, to your door…that’s right we are our own “door dash”!. We have support caterers by providing the “dessert” or “treats” menu for the overall food program.

Rainbow Italian Ice is a Black owned and veteran owned business. 


Rainbow Italian Ice loves to cater!.. and people love to enjoy Rainbow Italian Ice at their events. We have catered small and large, public or private affairs, including services for parties, corporate events, weddings, churches, sporting events, BBQ, community affairs, schools, inside or outside.

Pricing - Simple
Our base price is $500 for up to 100 servings for 1 hours of service - all in. If your event runs longer than the hour (not unusual), we’ll add $100 for the extra time and servings. We have problem working within your budget limitations. So you just need to contact us to work out pricing, because we want you to enjoy Rainbow Italian Ice at your event.
Our staff is professional, experienced, & deliver excellent customer experiences serving.

Contact Us - 510-637-8710 

510  637 8710

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